“Scoopy” Ice Cream!

Living in China there weren’t too many choices in “good” ice cream.  More often than not, it was broken, crushed, had been thawed and refrozen numerous times, or was stale.

Oh there were choices….. if you wanted red bean, green bean, corn (seriously?),

Corn ice cream

               black sesame seed and an array of other choices.                                                            But even after 12 years those still haven’t grown on any of us!

There is just something about a display cabinet full of ice cream                                           that will never compare to ……..corn! (sorry Brad!)

21st Sept 13 (7)

Whenever we’ve been in Oz, or travelling somewhere, the girls have always relished the opportunity to eat “scoopy ice cream” as it became known to our family.

Well this week, we have enjoyed the opportunity to eat “scoopy ice cream”

21st Sept 13 (11)

–  and boy has it been good!

21st Sept 13 (10)

Red Garden – Food Paradise!

There are a number of famous market style eateries in Penang which open after 6pm.                   One of them is Red Garden which wasn’t far from our hotel.

21st Sept 13 (2) The kitchens of various stall holders are set up around the outside of a courtyard.             In the middle of the courtyard, there are numerous tables and chairs.

Penang 17th Sept 13 (71)Choose a table, take note of the number. Assign someone to sit at it while you go and make the mind boggling decision what you are going to eat.

Choices choices Penang 17th Sept 13 (65)

      Put in your order and table number and return to the table.                                                        About 10 mins later, your freshly cooked food will be served to you. Pay and eat.

BBQ Sting Ray – it was so tender.

BBQ Sting Ray Penang 17th Sept 13 (59)

Grilled Eggplant – Aubergine.

grilled eggplant Penang 17th Sept 13 (61)

Penang 17th Sept 13 (55)

Another gastronomical delight with just too many wonderful choices!

Room for desert????

desert Penang 17th Sept 13 (73)

Deep Fried Ice Cream

20th Sept 13 (102)

Too right!  I’d been looking forward to these pancakes since last time!

20th Sept 13 (103)

Sunday Snapshot – Devoted

Gabrielle has just seen the realisation of a dream.                                                                 2 days before we left China, she picked up her finished CD – Devoted.

Gabrielle Trower 的封面照片

Gabi plays the keyboard and guitar and loves to sing and write songs.


She has saved money for years so that she could record some of them in a studio.




She has loaded her first song to YouTube                                                                           and will continue to load the others through this week.

Here’s the link if you would like to listen:


All but 2 of them she wrote.                                                                                                One is a fun song Gabi & Lily “covered” using cups as instruments.                                Lily joined Gabi and sang with her to add in some harmonies.  


The last one – God Made You Unique – is sung in Mandarin.  It has a special meaning to us all.   It talks about how God made each of us different and unique and no-one can replace anyone else.  Our girls learnt it soon after we arrived in China, and the children at the House of Love also learned it, and often sang it too. 

I hope you enjoy the songs and are blessed by them.

A special thanks to A Mother’s Art Photography for a beautiful photo of my girl.

Ni Hao Yall

Walls & benches

Whenever we travel,                                                                                                              we love looking out for interesting walls or benches & take photos there.                      Here are some we found in Penang.

18th Sept 13 (2)

19th Sept 13 (71)Penang 17th Sept 13 (33)22nd September 2013 (2)19th Sept 13 (77)19th Sept 13 (4)22nd September 2013 (65)19th Sept 13 (48)Mosaic Chinese characters 19th Sept 13 (66)Wire relief Penang 17th Sept 13 (27)

Street Fare!

The streets were busy by day, but came alive at night.                                                        All sorts of street vendors selling all sorts of delicacies.                                                     The vendors have a cart on which is everything they need to cook their delicacies.

Street vendor cart 18th Sept 13 (114) Street vendors  18th Sept 13 (117)

                               This lady had an old ice shaving machine.                                          See the block of ice gripped under the machine.

Ice Machine 3 18th Sept 13 (126)

She turns the crank handle and in a flash – shaved ice!

Ice machine 2 18th Sept 13 (127)

Ice machine 1 18th Sept 13 (128)               All these are parked on the side of the street, with cars and buses buzzing by.

Cars & buses 18th Sept 13 (121)

            People wander up and down or pull up on a motorbike and make their orders.

people wandering  18th Sept 13 (113)         In between the stalls are an array of plastic tables and chairs to sit at while eating.

Inbetween stalls 18th Sept 13 (115)

You can even get freshly squeezed fresh juice in a plastic bag.

Fruit juice 18th Sept 13 (119)

The drink is prepared, poured into a plastic bag and a red string                                            wound around one corner of it, making a handle to hold it.

Fruit juice bag 18th Sept 13 (123)        Works well, but skill is needed to ensure against spills whilst eating!

                               fruit juice eating skills 18th Sept 13 (125)

Living in China gave us a love of street food,                                                                         so we have had a wonderful time sampling the fare here in Penang.